The Junction Celebrates Choice


We - who live in, work in and visit The Junction neighbourhood - celebrate choice! We're disturbed by ongoing anti-choice activity in our community and will come together at this fun and family-friendly event to STAND AS and STAND WITH women and trans people... and STAND FOR reproductive rights!

There will be balloons, bubbles, signs and songs. The spirit of this event is positive and affirming... in contrast to the graphic onslaught by anti-choicers many neighbourhood residents and goers have recently suffered.

We align with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada in our belief that:

- To achieve equality, all women and trans people must have the right to decide for themselves whether and when they will bear children, and how many. Without control of their fertility, they cannot have autonomy over their lives and cannot play a full and equal role in society.
- Women and trans people have a constitutionally-based right to unrestricted, fully-funded abortion, without legal or other barriers or discrimination due to gender, class, ethnicity, race, age, location/region (or area of residence), or any other characteristic, including reasons for choosing an abortion. The rights of pregnant persons must not be abridged— according to Supreme Court precedent, a pregnant woman is “one person”.
- Everyone has the right to receive a full range of reproductive healthcare options, services, and information, including (but not limited to) medical and surgical abortion, contraception, family planning services, and comprehensive sexual health education.
- Everyone has the right to access reproductive healthcare services safely and in a timely manner, in an atmosphere of dignity, privacy, respect, trust, and compassion.
- All abortions are medically required—not “elective”—and fall under the protection of the Canada Health Act (just like all childbirths), regardless of where they are performed – hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices. The delivery and funding of abortion and other medically required reproductive healthcare services must meet the Act’s five principles.
- Providers of reproductive health care services have the right to deliver such services free of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

The anti-choice movement in Canada is still strong and active, with a large base of supporters and organizational resources that far exceed those of the pro-choice movement. Anti-choice activists remain committed to various campaigns, such as working to defund abortion, spreading misinformation about abortion, and promoting policies and laws to restrict abortion or make it harder to access. Although no serious violence has occurred against Canadian abortion clinics or providers since 2000, picketing and various forms of low-level harassment continue, and all those involved with abortion provision remain on constant alert for potential violence. (Source:

August 19, 2017 at 3pm
Runnymede & Bloor