Send an e-mail to Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation, and Premier Kathleen Wynne to demand electrification of the Pearson-Union Air Rail Link

There is no such thing as "clean diesel"; diesel trains of any type are a health hazard for those who live and work near the tracks. More toxic fumes will be created by up to 400 daily trains than the car trips they are meant to replace. Dr. David McKeown, Chief Medical Officer for Health for the City of Toronto, confirmed that diesel trains are a dangerous option and that electric trains would be far safer for our communities.

The planned air-rail link does not even serve the communities through which it passes and it will be priced beyond the reach of most commuters; something which makes this significant health risk even harder to justify to those who live and work near the tracks.

All major cities in the world with train service between their downtown core and the airport use electric trains. Diesel is an outdated option, and will cost more money to electrify later than if it were done properly right now.

I ask that the Province of Ontario stop building the Air-Rail Link for diesel and move to electrify the route immediately, and that the Air-Rail Link be designed, operated and priced as an affordable transportation option between all points along its route.

Please commit to electrification NOW, not later.



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