Parental Equality Now, Not Later: NDP MPP DiNovo

Parental equality now, not later: NDP MPP DiNovo

QUEEN’S PARK —Ontario NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo welcomed the government’s announcement committing to parental equality, but added that there is no need to wait until the fall for legislation to be tabled.

DiNovo has been championing parental equality rights for LGBTQ parents with her Bill 137 Cy and Ruby’s Act (Parental Equality), which passed Second Reading last December with all party support.

“There is no need to wait. LGBTQ parents have waited long enough. There are babies being born without parental recognition,” said DiNovo. “The government could still pass my bill before Pride.”

DiNovo also noted that the government is still fighting families in court.

“If the government is sincere, they should not be fighting this case. They should settle with the families with a final court order,” said DiNovo.

For a decade now, the courts have told the Ontario government that the province’s parentage legislation is clearly discriminatory.