NDP MPP DiNovo asks government to reverse their Toronto Public Library cuts

QUEEN’S PARK — Today in the legislature, Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-High Park, asked the  Liberal government to reverse their drastic funding cut to the Toronto Public Library.

“Yesterday, the Liberals defended cutting 20% from Toronto public libraries. The government says that the library’s digital archives project isn’t being used,” said DiNovo. “Actually, the fact is, usage is up.”

According to usage statistics forwarded to Ontario’s New Democrats, the number of items examined using TPL’s Virtual Reference Library has actually increased. (see attachment)

“One of the great things about public libraries is everyone uses them. Young people, Seniors, and new Canadians,” said DiNovo. “Public libraries are at the heart of local communities. And the Liberals are making cuts to the Toronto Public Library.”

The cut to the Toronto Public Library comes as many services people count on are being cut or underfunded by the current government. Hospitals, affordable housing, and public transit struggle without proper support from this provincial government.

“Only in the Liberal world is a cut of $1.4 million cut not a cut,” said DiNovo, before asking the government to reverse their cuts to libraries in Toronto.