MPP Cheri DiNovo calls for action in housing crisis unfolding in Parkdale

Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale – High Park and NDP Critic for GTA Issues, is standing with Parkdale tenants on rent strike, and calling on AIMCo to immediately stop issuing evictions notices and the Liberal government to immediately address the housing crisis unfolding in her riding in Parkdale.

“I will not stand by while my neighbours and constituents are pushed out of their homes and their communities.” said DiNovo. “Kathleen Wynne must act immediately to protect tenants from eviction.”

New Democrats have been ringing alarm bells about the rental housing crisis in Toronto and calling for stronger protections for tenants for years. Not only have Liberals done nothing to protect tenants from unfair rent increases and evictions, they have joined Conservatives in stopping NDP’s efforts to do so.

“This is exactly the kind of situation New Democrats have been warning the Liberal government about” said DiNovo. “They ignored red flags, failed to act, and people are falling through the cracks.”
Over 200 tenants in Parkdale have refused to pay their rent until their landlords agree to carry out repairs and withdraw their application to impose above-guideline rent increases. Many of these tenants are seniors, newcomers, and those who live on low or fixed incomes.  They cannot afford the above guideline rent increases.  Instead of negotiating with the tenants, AIMCo has issued eviction notices.

“By evicting tenants, AIMCo is putting children and families onto the streets and Kathleen Wynne is doing nothing about it” said DiNovo. “It is the Liberal government’s lack of action on housing that has driven tenants to such measures to keep a roof over their head.”

“What is Wynne doing to make sure that AimCo is negotiating fairly with the tenants?” asked DiNovo.