Kathleen Wynne must stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ youth in child support law changes: DiNovo

QUEEN’S PARK—On Thursday, Parkdale-High Park NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo released the following statement calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ youth in child support law changes:

“Young people transitioning or coming out at a vulnerable time in their lives need reliable, consistent support through this life changing period. The Liberal amendment to the Family Law Act uses restrictive language, limiting entitlement to circumstances of illness and disability while excluding other causes. This is discriminatory towards LGBTQ+ youth.  Transition and coming out are not respectfully framed as periods of illness or disability, but understood as 'other causes' for dependence, which may lead to entitlements for child support. In moving forward with these changes, the government is perpetuating differential treatment between children of married versus unmarried parents contrary to legislation passed last year declaring that All Families are Equal.

Instead of focusing on the child's needs and well-being, parents will be thrust into conflict about defining their children as disabled or not.  The Wynne government is pushing for the child to be framed as disabled in order to obtain the other parent’s financial contribution, even when the child has needs and remains unable to self-support. 

While Ontario must finally catch up with most other provinces by allowing adult children with disabilities, including those with unmarried parents, to be eligible for support, we cannot do this by excluding LGBTQ+ youth.”