Kathleen Wynne lets down non-binary community counting on gender-neutral birth certificates: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — In question period on Monday, Parkdale-High Park NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo said that delays in implementing gender-neutral birth certificates are hurting non-binary people living in Ontario.

DiNovo was joined by writer, filmmaker and activist Joshua M. Ferguson, who was denied a gender-neutral birth certificate by the Liberal government.

“Six months ago, this government refused to issue Joshua M. Ferguson a birth certificate reflecting their correct sex designation,” said DiNovo. “In Ontario, non-binary folk still cannot amend their birth certificate to anything other than male or female categories. While jurisdictions like Newfoundland and Northwest Territories have already acted, in Ontario, a human rights complaint has been filed against this Liberal government.”

After years pressure from DiNovo and the NDP, Toby’s Act finally became law in 2012, enshrining gender identity and gender expression in the Ontario Human Rights Code. However, six years later, Ontarians still only have the option to identify as male or female on birth certificates. DiNovo said its disappointing that the Liberal government is once again forcing the non-binary community to fight for basic human rights.

“A birth certificate is a foundational document without which Joshua is unable to get a passport with a correct sex designation. This limits their ability to travel and to exercise basic human rights. The government already admitted that there are negative consequences for those who don’t have identification congruent with their gender identity.

“It has been six years since Toby’s Law passed.

“Why is this government dragging its feet? How long, does it take to change a form?” asked DiNovo.