Free Toronto From the OMB!


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Send an e-mail to Premier Wynne and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change: Conduct a full environmental assessment of Enbridge’s proposed line 9 reversal and capacity expansion projects.

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister Murray;

Enbridge Canada is proposing to reverse the flow of the Line 9 pipeline in order to transport western oil and tar sands oil through the most densely populated parts of Ontario. This pipeline project proposes changes to the pipeline that merit serious consideration, like the increase in oil-carrying capacity, and the transport of significantly more corrosive oil through the pipeline. This pipeline passes under cities and major rivers and a spill would risk the drinking water and health of millions of Ontarians and cause permanent damage to our ecosystems.

Line 9’s reversal will have impacts that must be analyzed beyond the National Energy Board hearings held by the federal government;
the government of Quebec has already indicated its intention to conduct an independent review of the line reversal impact, including the flow of oil sands crude into Quebec.

As such, I ask that the Province of Ontario acts in the best interest of the health and environment of the Province and conduct a full environmental assessment of Enbridge’s proposed line 9 reversal and capacity expansion projects.



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Send an e-mail to Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation, and Premier Kathleen Wynne to demand electrification of the Pearson-Union Air Rail Link

There is no such thing as “clean diesel”; diesel trains of any type are a health hazard for those who live and work near the tracks. More toxic fumes will be created by up to 400 daily trains than the car trips they are meant to replace. Dr. David McKeown, Chief Medical Officer for Health for the City of Toronto, confirmed that diesel trains are a dangerous option and that electric trains would be far safer for our communities.

The planned air-rail link does not even serve the communities through which it passes and it will be priced beyond the reach of most commuters; something which makes this significant health risk even harder to justify to those who live and work near the tracks.

All major cities in the world with train service between their downtown core and the airport use electric trains. Diesel is an outdated option, and will cost more money to electrify later than if it were done properly right now.

I ask that the Province of Ontario stop building the Air-Rail Link for diesel and move to electrify the route immediately, and that the Air-Rail Link be designed, operated and priced as an affordable transportation option between all points along its route.

Please commit to electrification NOW, not later.



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Send an e-mail to the Premier and the Minister of Health: Dental care must be made available to those in need

Thousands and thousands of adults in Ontario live with pain and infection because they cannot afford dental care, a vitally important part of overall health care.

The promised $45-million dental fund under the Poverty Reduction Strategy excluded impoverished adults, and the programs were designed with rigid criteria so that most of the people in need do not qualify. Desperately-needed dental care money went unspent and was diverted to other areas, even though people are still suffering without access to dental care.

I ask the Legislative Assembly do all in its power to stop the dental fund being diverted to support other programs, and
that you fully utilize the commissioned funding to provide dental care to those in need.



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Send an e-mail to Premier Wynne and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing: Free Toronto From the OMB!

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister McMeekin;

The Ontario Municipal Board is an unelected and unaccountable tribunal that has the power to overrule the decisions of municipal planners and elected representatives. These powers go well beyond those of a normal appeals tribunal to interpret the rules, but also include the power to make up entirely new rules, based on inconsistent and subjective criteria.

In February 2012, the City of Toronto asked to be removed from the OMB’s oversight. In 2014, MPP Cheri DiNovo presented Bill 5, which would put responsibility for Toronto’s planning and development back where it belongs: with municipal planners, the public and their elected representatives. The bill currently awaits second reading.

I urge you to support this bill. Toronto is Canada’s sixth largest government, with a large professional planning staff and the capability to manage its own affairs. It is time to set Toronto free from the OMB.



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Do the right thing: Pass Inclusionary Zoning law in Ontario!

Ontario faces an affordable housing crisis. One in every three renter households lives in housing that is unaffordable, inadequate, or in serious need of repair, and more than 165,000 families across Ontario are waiting for rent-geared-to-income housing.

Inclusionary zoning laws have helped create affordable housing and alleviate poverty in more than 200 communities across the United States, and research by the Wellesley Institute, ACORN Canada ‎and the Furman Centre have shown that inclusionary zoning could create thousands of affordable housing units a year in Ontario, without significant impact on the production of market housing, and without any cost to the taxpayer.

I hereby petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to enact a law empowering municipalities across the province to pass inclusionary zoning bylaws, which mandate that a specified percentage of new residential developments include affordable housing units.

Please do the right thing.



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