Government blames vulnerable road users rather than protect them: DiNovo

Government blames vulnerable road users rather than protect them: DiNovo

NDP says no to texting and walking prohibition


QUEEN’S PARK—On Monday, Parkdale-High Park NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo issued the following statement condemning a new Liberal bill seeking to blame pedestrians for collisions with vehicles. DiNovo called on the Liberal government to stand up for vulnerable road users and increase consequences for driving offences.


“Too many families have lost loved ones because drivers were distracted when operating cars or trucks. By the Liberals’ own research, 89 per cent of accidents involving pedestrians are caused by distracted drivers, not distracted pedestrians. Rather than help keep vulnerable road users safe, this Liberal government is blaming victims for being struck by a driver. This bill is victim blaming, and is a step backwards for public safety.


The Liberal government doesn’t need to stop and police people on the sidewalks who are minding their own business – and people of colour should be consulted on their feelings on that front, because this legislation presents serious concerns about stop-and-check powers.


Rather than moving forward with legislation that targets victims, I urge this government to do the right thing and immediately pass the NDP’s Bill 158, Protecting Vulnerable Road Users Act. I tabled this legislation because it recognizes the root cause of the issue, and will strengthen consequences for driving offences that put pedestrians, bike-riders, wheelchair users and others in danger. My bill will require culpable motorists to attend court for sentencing and to hear victim impact statements. It is the most comprehensive vulnerable road user law in North America – because we believe Ontarians deserve that.”