Free Toronto from the OMB

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister McMeekin;

The Ontario Municipal Board is an unelected and unaccountable tribunal that has the power to overrule the decisions of municipal planners and elected representatives. These powers go well beyond those of a normal appeals tribunal to interpret the rules, but also include the power to make up entirely new rules, based on inconsistent and subjective criteria.

In February 2012, the City of Toronto asked to be removed from the OMB’s oversight. In 2014, MPP Cheri DiNovo presented Bill 5, which would put responsibility for Toronto’s planning and development back where it belongs: with municipal planners, the public and their elected representatives. The bill currently awaits second reading.

I urge you to support this bill. Toronto is Canada’s sixth largest government, with a large professional planning staff and the capability to manage its own affairs. It is time to set Toronto free from the OMB.




Will you sign?