Environment and Climate Change Assessment Petition

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister Murray;

Enbridge Canada is proposing to reverse the flow of the Line 9 pipeline in order to transport western oil and tar sands oil through the most densely populated parts of Ontario. This pipeline project proposes changes to the pipeline that merit serious consideration, like the increase in oil-carrying capacity, and the transport of significantly more corrosive oil through the pipeline. This pipeline passes under cities and major rivers and a spill would risk the drinking water and health of millions of Ontarians and cause permanent damage to our ecosystems.

Line 9’s reversal will have impacts that must be analyzed beyond the National Energy Board hearings held by the federal government;
the government of Quebec has already indicated its intention to conduct an independent review of the line reversal impact, including the flow of oil sands crude into Quebec.

As such, I ask that the Province of Ontario acts in the best interest of the health and environment of the Province and conduct a full environmental assessment of Enbridge’s proposed line 9 reversal and capacity expansion projects.


Will you sign?