DiNovo Demands Wynne Government Respect Immigrant Workers Bargaining for a First Contract at Ontario Food Terminal

DiNovo demands Wynne government respect immigrant workers bargaining for a first contract at Ontario Food Terminal


Queen’s Park – During Question Period today, Cheri DiNovo, NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park, demanded the Wynne government respect striking immigrant workers, who are largely Tibetan, at Fresh Taste at Ontario Food Terminal.

“As an editorial on the weekend put it, these workers, ‘sort the produce you find at your big box grocery store.’  They’re also among the lowest paid, making five dollars less an hour than other unionized workers at the Terminal,” Di Novo said.   “We know that unionized workplaces pay better, have better protections.  That’s why the striking Fresh Taste workers are looking to join other workers at the Ontario Food Terminal in ratifying a first contract that will see them receive a fair wage.”

“Does the Premier think it’s acceptable that non-certified replacement workers take the jobs of some of our most vulnerable workers, who are just looking for a fair deal?”

Di Novo referred to a group of produce pickers at the Ontario Food Terminal – mainly Tibetan refugees from Parkdale-High Park – who have been on strike for a first contract with their employer Fresh Taste, for fair wages and better treatment.


Video: https://db.tt/Ie3PLPMW

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