On the right side of history - August 2017

Diligence and hope

Dear Friends,

It has been a summer full of worrisome news, terrible displays of hatred and injustice, and watching as the rights of our friends and neighbours are put in jeopardy over and over again. I want to encourage you to stay hopeful. Stay diligent. I have spent more than 40 years fighting for equality, and I will continue to do so. I hope you will too. We must work every day to be on the right side of history. Parkdale - High Park has always been a place of kindness, a place of diversity and inclusion, and I know we will work together, through small kindnesses and large ones, through peaceful protest and political process, to ensure we preserve the equality and justice we've fought so hard to gain, and remove the barriers and injustices that still exist. I believe in the triumph of love over hate. We can do this.




The House Will Soon Be Back

The Legislature will be back in session in only a few short weeks.  As I do every year, I am reaching out to you:  What matters to you?  What issues do you want me to bring to Queen's Park on your behalf?  My staff and I work for you, and it is always important for us to know what provincial issues are resonating with you. 

Parkdale Rent Strikers and their VICTORY!

I am delighted to share the news that the Parkdale Rent Strikers were victorious in their protest against their landlord's proposed above-guideline rent increase.  The strikers were offered concessions from landlord MetCap, including a reduction in the increase and a program and plan for much-needed repairs and maintenance.  Tenants like Diane Rajaram would not give up in their peaceful protest against unfair rent hikes in an already expensive market.  Thanks so much to Parkdale Community Legal Services, who are experts in landlord-tenant issues and who guided these rent strikers through this process, and thank you to the tenants who never gave up. 

(Photo credit:  @UNITEHERE75)

40 years apart, same issue

I was honoured to stand and protest in solidarity with some of our local community members, taking a stand for feminism, bodily autonomy and a woman's right to choose. Thank you to the community members who organized this.

Lambton History Walk

Thanks to Lambton House for inviting me to speak at the History of the Humber River Walk this month.  We are very lucky to have Lambton House in our community; this wonderful organization and building are rich with local history, and the events put on by Lambton House and Heritage York are always educational, fun and fascinating.  What a great day. 

High Park Developments

As you know, there are large developments proposed for High Park Ave, and many in our community are concerned. We have an excellent and mobilized community who have spoken up about their many concerns with the doubling of density in that area.  I have spoken with these community members about this issue, attended meetings and met with representatives from the High Park Community Alliance just last week.  My office will continue to keep informed about this issue. 

(Photo credit:  High Park Community Alliance)

RIP Bonnie Briggs

In these troubling times, it is important for us to recognize the everyday heroes around us. Recently, we lost one of these heroes with the passing of Bonnie Briggs.

Bonnie was a fellow Parkdalian and a lifelong activist.  Her heart was limitless.  She advocated for those who are living in poverty and those who are homeless, giving her time, effort and care to rallies, protests and the important and heartbreaking Homeless Memorial at the Church of the Holy Trinity.  

Anyone who worked with and for those living in poverty knew Bonnie, because she and her partner Kerry worked alongside all of us. She leaves an incredible legacy, and she will never be forgotten.

RIP Bonnie.  We miss you.  We will keep up the fight.



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